mistress wu with blond hair wearing elegant veil hat in her limousine


First, about myself:

In My vanilla life I have a genuine, keen interest in books and hard rock music,
While My other passions include Premier League,work out and photography.

I am intellectual, witty and with a great sense of humor.
But am as well as paradoxical, for either can be active as a rabbit, or as passive as a book.
I love life outdoors, and believe that beauty is in Nature .

The other side of me, regarding BDSM:

Exclusive, imaginative and exquisite: I am a natural born Chinese Domme,
with a profound understanding in pain and pleasure. BDSM for me is an art, but not a science.

I deeply believe anyone who interest in BDSM has a private dungeon built in their mind.
If you dare entering My twisted sadistic world,  I'll show you how deliciously I can slowly gain control of your mind; how through humiliation and sensory deprivation you'll learn the true meaning of the word "respect"; I can be cruel and harsh, but I can also be highly erotic and sensual - no matter what I am ALWAYS in control



General Profile

General Profile

Height: 5'4
Weight: 106 Lbs
Shoe Size: 37
Languages: English, Chinese



I operate mainly from downtown Shenzhen but also available in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Europe on special occasions.

Hotel visits and residential appointments can also be arranged. Overnight sessions and travel arrangements are possible as well.

I will consider the request for shopping trips as well as financial slavery and key holdings.

I do NOT offer sex.
I do NOT switch.
Do not embarrass yourself by asking
Things That I Like

Things That I Like


Gifts are never expected, that is what makes them gifts! But if you want to instantly put me in a fabulous mood, you may use this style guide to get an idea of my tastes.

If you can not afford a gift, then a bouquet of flowers, stationary, or well-written card always makes a nice statement and can help to put you on my 'Good Side' (not a bad place to be). While I adore all of my subs, I never forget anyone who goes the extra mile to make me happy.

For those of you with a larger budget, here are some of my all the time favorites:
-Black/red latex and leather
-Black/red latex
-High heels shoes /boots
-Leather Handbags
-Lingere -Skincare from Lancome -Make up from Bobbi Brown

If you are unsure about a specific gift, please email me to ask. However, if you are sure I will like your gift, I love surprises.